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Get involved and share the look to show your support for people with epilepsy.

Take your photograph with the purple glasses filter, share and tag #lookforepilepsy

Remember, posting photographs on social media is subject to the privacy terms of each individual site.

For Apple devices, this feature is only supported on iOS version 14.3 and above. Please update your iOS software on your iPad or iPhone to utilise the filter.

This feature is not supported by Internet Explorer. Please utilise an alternate browser to utilise the filter.

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Instructions for use:

  1. Check your image in the purple glasses filter.*
  2. Click ‘Take Your Photo’. Your photo will automatically download to your devices Downloads Folder or in the case of mobile devices will most likely be in your Files Application.
  3. Find your photo and share it with your friends. Remember to tag #lookforepilepsy and share this page.

*If your image does not appear on the screen, check your browser settings to ensure Look for Epilepsy has permission to use your camera and that your camera is switched on.